Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

  • Want To Overturn Certain Details About Your Partner's Divorce Application? Here's How To Do It

    There are a lot of important details that need to be attached to any divorce application filed with a family court. These details include property division, child custody, alimony payments, and monetary awards, among other details. If you have been served with an Application for Divorce and do not agree with any of the details indicated by your partner, you can contest by filing a Response to Divorce application. Read on to learn more.

  • Legal Matters: Understanding Unlawful Discrimination

    In the legal context, the term discrimination is used to refer to the unfair treatment of individuals or groups because of personal characteristics. It is against the law to show this form of discrimination in certain areas of life, including places of work, schools, public establishments and the local government. It is important to understand the laws concerned with discrimination at work if you believe you have a case. This information will guide you when taking legal action against the involved company or employer with the assistance of your lawyer.

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    Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

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