Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

  • Important people to include in your will planning

    Writing a will can be an emotionally draining process, as you know that this probably is the last words you'll ever speak to your remaining relatives. It can also be quite a complicated legal process, as it has to be able to be used as a document in court if someone were to question your will. In order for you to write a will that's legally binding, while also making sure that all of your wishes are made a reality, there are important people that you need to assign particular roles to.

  • Why You Should Not Take Accusations of Sex Crimes Lightly

    If you are accused of committing sex crimes, such as rape and child pornography, it is very important that you take steps to clear your name. This article discusses why such accusations should never be taken lightly. Prior Records Have Minimal Impact Many jurisdictions take sex offences very seriously and will not consider your clean record when you are being sentenced once you are convicted. It is therefore very important that you do not assume that the fact that you have no criminal record will exonerate you or get you a lighter sentence when you are facing sex crime charges.

  • Leaving an Abusive Relationship and Taking Your Pet with You: What You Need to Know

    Leaving an abusive relationship is naturally a very traumatic experience. If you need to leave such a relationship, it will often mean that you will need to relocate to a new home. Such a new home might only be temporary if you stay with a friend, a family member, or in crisis accommodation. If you have a pet, you will no doubt wish to take the animal with you. This is not always obviously possible, as many temporary homes will not necessarily be able to accommodate an animal.

  • 3 Questions You Might Have About Obtaining Worker's Compensation

    Employers are typically required to have worker's compensation insurance coverage that covers the medical expenses and lost wages of someone injured while on the job. If you've suffered any type of injury, you might wonder if you have a claim against an employer and if you should speak to an attorney. While it's always best to meet with a lawyer even if you're not sure you have a case to be filed, note a few questions you might have about obtaining worker's compensation.

  • How to handle a divorce that is being settled in court

    A divorce is a stressful and complicated procedure for all parties involved. It gets even worse when the spouses can't get along, and the divorce needs to be taken to court in order to be sorted out. If this has happened to you, the most important thing to remember is that you're in a legal process, and you need to act in a way that makes you come out with as many advantages as possible from the situation.

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    Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

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