Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

  • Harrassment and Bullying At Work - What Action Should You Take?

    If you're being bullied at work, you don't have to tolerate it!  The law is there to protect you while you're at work and a specialist employment solicitor in your area could help you to resolve matters.  But what defines workplace bullying, what is harassment and what could a solicitor do to help you?  Read on for more information. What constitutes workplace bullying? The following actions can be defined as workplace bullying:

  • Importance of conveyancing searches

    You have located your dream house and instructed your conveyancing solicitor to speed up the sale process. So that's it, right? Well, not quite. One of the responsibilities of your conveyancer is to inform you about the conveyancing searches that ought to be performed on the property. So what are conveyancing searches? These searches aim to disclose additional information about the property that isn't obvious or noticeable by the buyer on physical inspection.

  • How Do You Obtain A Will After Someone Has Died?

    The death of a loved one injects sadness, pain and grief in the lives of those he or she has left behind. And after you are done with the burial, you are faced with the challenge of determining what the deceased left for you. A majority of people think that acquiring a will is a straightforward process, particularly if you are a relative of the deceased. But unless the deceased left clear directions on where the will and its copies can be found, you may actually have a real problem on your hands.

  • When to Call a Probate Lawyer to Contest a Will

    A probate lawyer is one who deals in the dissemination of an estate after a person has died. They may help handle the reading of the will and help with the dispersal of assets and can also help a person design and word their will so they know their wishes will be respected after their passing. A probate lawyer can also help someone who wants to contest a will or how an estate was handled after a person's death.

  • What you should know about disorderly conduct crimes

    Disorderly conduct crimes are crimes that are related to the way you behave in a public setting. It is typically considered a minor crime based on how you were behaving, typically due to causing a disturbance. If you were arrested for this type of crime, it helps to know more about it, including what acts qualify for disorderly conduct and what the potential punishments are. There Are Verbal and Physical Forms 

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