Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

  • 4 Considerations to Make During Business Succession Planning

    Whether you own a business or a farm, there will be a time when you won't be able to run it anymore. This may be because of age, disability, illness and even death. Without planning for the running of the business ahead of time, you open your business up to succession wrangles and confusion that could permanently impact the business. Good business owners must therefore be proactive in laying mechanisms to help the business survive in their absence.

  • A look at criminal compensation and its importance for crime victims

    Sentencing defendants to prison serves to punish them for perpetrating crime, however what about the victims of those crimes who are otherwise left in the lurch? Independently, states have enacted criminal compensation statutes meant to help victims recover their losses when they have not been adequately repaid. This article explains the details surrounding criminal compensation programs and how victims of crime and violence stand to benefit from them. Purposes There are several rationales that support criminal compensation programs.

  • Some Tips for Protecting Your Intellectual Property in Australia

    Intellectual property refers to intangible items that you create or compose, including logos, designs, processes, formulas, music, stories, and the like. Protecting your intellectual property can be a challenge as it's very easy to copy someone's ideas and creations and call them your own. However, this doesn't mean that those with intellectual property are without protection; note a few tips for keeping your ideas and creation safe no matter your industry.

  • Five Things You Need to Know If You Want to Pursue Primary Custody for Your Child

    If you want sole custody of your child, you may be wondering what you need to do to achieve that type of arrangement. There are several factors that need to be taken into account. Here is what you need to consider about this aspect of family law: 1. If the other parent agrees, there is no contest. Whether you are getting divorced from the other parent or have never been married, you can assume primary custody if he or she agrees to that arrangement.

  • When to See a Family Lawyer for Your Divorce Case

    In many cases, you can handle a divorce on your own without a lawyer if both parties agree to certain terms of the separation and to issues like spousal support, child custody, and the like. However, you don't want to assume that you should never speak to a family lawyer in a divorce case and especially if you're not happy with the terms you and your spouse are working out. Note when it's good to see a family lawyer for your divorce case and how they can assist you.

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    Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

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