Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

  • What Overseas Partners Should Know About Partner Visas

    If you live outside of Australia but you are in a relationship with someone living in Australia, you may hear about partner visas. This type of visa is designed for the spouse or significant other of an Australian citizen so the partner can move to the country. This is a visa that is similar to other visas offered in countries such as the United States and Great Britain. Before you move forward with the process of obtaining this visa, there are some things you need to understand.

  • Some Tips for Protecting Your Intellectual Property in Australia

    Intellectual property refers to intangible items that you create or compose, including logos, designs, processes, formulas, music, stories, and the like. Protecting your intellectual property can be a challenge as it's very easy to copy someone's ideas and creations and call them your own. However, this doesn't mean that those with intellectual property are without protection; note a few tips for keeping your ideas and creation safe no matter your industry.

  • How Do You Obtain A Will After Someone Has Died?

    The death of a loved one injects sadness, pain and grief in the lives of those he or she has left behind. And after you are done with the burial, you are faced with the challenge of determining what the deceased left for you. A majority of people think that acquiring a will is a straightforward process, particularly if you are a relative of the deceased. But unless the deceased left clear directions on where the will and its copies can be found, you may actually have a real problem on your hands.

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Legal Aid: A Blog About Laws And Legal Processes

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