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Key Services That A Reputable Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Must Provide

Renee Bates

Car accidents often bring forth several questions regarding repair, medical bills, and compensation. If an accident renders you immobile, pursuing the above issues might be impossible. Fortunately, a professional and experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer understands what it takes to negotiate the often messy world of insurance claims and settlements. While a typical auto-accident lawyer will do the bare minimum regarding your case, an experienced lawyer will go the extra mile. Here are a few services that a professional and reputable motor vehicle accident lawyer must provide.

Negotiates With Lien Holders

A lawyer's priority is to ensure that you are fairly compensated for damages and injuries. However, things can get complicated if you have not completed financing your car. In such cases, a financier still holds the lien on your vehicle and is listed on an insurance policy. It means that your insurer will pay the lien holder first before receiving anything, which can adversely reduce the amount of compensation that ends in your pockets. However, a good auto accident lawyer will not just sit and watch it happen. They will negotiate with a lienholder to reduce the amount due. It is critical because every dollar a lienholder forgoes ends up in your pocket.

Charges Contingency Fees

Even the most seasoned motor vehicle accident lawyer will tell you that most cases are not straightforward. A lot goes into gathering evidence to prove that a third party was at fault, but it does not guarantee a win. Therefore, a professional lawyer should not guarantee you a win, and if they do, be wary. Notably, some lawyers charge an initial fee, with the remainder being paid after compensation. However, if you do not win a case, you will still lose money in the form of legal fees. A good auto accident lawyer has a 'no win, no fees' clause, meaning that you only pay legal fees upon a successful outcome. It motivates a lawyer to be extremely thorough, knowing that their legal fees will come from your compensation.

Investigates Comparative Fault

In most car accident claims, a third party is usually at fault. Typically, a motor vehicle accident lawyer seeks compensation from the primary at-fault party first. However, other motorists can cause significant damages, especially in multi-vehicle crashes. Therefore, rather than solely focus on the primary at-fault party, a good lawyer goes the extra mile and investigates comparative fault. It involves examining other motorists' contributions towards your car's damage and your injuries. For instance, if the motorist behind the vehicle at fault was tailgating, they could be liable for part of the damages. Therefore, you could get more compensation than you initially anticipated.

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