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Ways a Property Settlement Lawyer Can Navigate a Property Dispute

Renee Bates

Property disputes can be a nightmare. Not only do you stand the chance of losing a massive amount of money if you cannot prove that a property is rightfully yours, but you also are at the threat of having to uproot your life if you have developed and settled on the property in question. At the onset of a property dispute, your first course of action should be to try to have a mature conversation with the individual you are having the dispute with and possibly carry out a land survey to determine your property boundaries. However, if neither of these courses of action can help solve your issue, then you should hire a property lawyer immediately. Read on for a list of the ways a property settlement lawyer can navigate a property dispute for you. 

A property settlement lawyer will conduct a title search on your behalf

In the event that you bought the property without carrying out a title search prior to purchasing the lot, then it is imperative to have this search performed during a property dispute. However, engaging in a title search can be a tedious process, so it is always advisable to task a property settlement lawyer with this responsibility. When your property settlement lawyer locates the tile, they will be able to learn about any easements, deeds and a host of other encumbrances that could have an impact on your rights to the property.

A property settlement lawyer will provide you with much-needed legal counsel

Some property owners may have gone ahead and purchased an insurance property for their title deed once they have bought real estate. If you did this, then it is highly likely that your insurer will have note any issues pertaining to the property and your ownership the moment that you purchased the policy. If the insurance company did not alert you to potential issues that may crop up due to the ownership of the property, your property settlement lawyer will advise you on how you can go about placing the liability on the insurance company to resolve the dispute at hand. Moreover, your property lawyer will also inform you of the possibilities available to you if, indeed, the title deed is in question.

A property settlement lawyer will represent you during the dispute

Homeowners that find that the law is on their side during a property dispute may not want to engage in informal discussions about ownership of the lot. If this is the case for you, then you can have your property settlement lawyer handle the proceedings in their entirety. This representation can include negotiating with the other party on a settlement offer, procuring a demand letter to the other party and so on.


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