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Why Employers May Need to Counter Some Workers' Compensation Claims

Renee Bates

For hundreds of years now, the typical Australian has been fully protected when working for an employer. This protection derives from a compensation scheme originally based on British law from the 19th-century, but it has been modified step-by-step along the way by the government to account for risks as they emerge. However, these risks have taken on even more unusual shapes, and forms and challenges abound in the workplace of today. If you run a business with plenty of people on your payroll, what are some of the "new" risks you should be expecting?


Not so long ago, people expected to leave school or college and work for one employer until retirement. That scenario has changed considerably, as workers become increasingly more transient in nature. Accordingly, employees now find it difficult to plan for the future and to maintain an adequate balance between work and life and this has led to a considerable increase in stress. As this manifests in the workplace, employers may face a wave of claims linked to psychological illness, and they need to be prepared to address and sometimes counter these matters.


With all of this uncertainty, it's not surprising to see that more people than ever are opting to work longer and into years that would have previously been earmarked for retirement. Consequently, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between injuries or illnesses that are purely work-related or may simply be related to age.


There is a growing epidemic of obesity around the world, and this is certainly true in Australia. These conditions are often evident from an early age and carry with them an increased risk of significant illness in later life. It's also possible that obesity could contribute to injury claims and other conditions at work, leading to some unusual workers compensation claims.

Fully Protected

All in all, the employer needs to make sure they are adequately covered but also able to address any claims linked to workers compensation that may not be fully valid. While most claims may be based on fact and allowed under the scheme, others may need to be challenged in court.

Being Proactive

Employers should also ensure that they have adequate representation from a lawyer experienced in this particular area. If you're worried about this and think that anything looks "fishy," always ask for expert advice so you can take steps to mitigate your exposure.

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